Gwaur's Language Stuff

My background

My real name is Pauli J. Marttinen. If you have a hard time with that, you can just call me Paul J. Morton or Gwaur.

I'm a Finnish-speaking Finn from Finland. I speak English fluently (approximately C1), am fairly proficient in Viossa (B2-) and know some Swedish (A2+) and Japanese (A1+). Languages that I would be especially interested in learning include (in no particular order) Hungarian, Albanian, Russian and Northern Sámi.

I have no formal linguistic training or education of any kind or level. Nearly everything I know has been learned while learning (about) other languages, or through conlanging. Currently I'm reading the Oxford Introduction to Proto-Indo-European and the Proto-Indo-European World. For academic honesty, I acknowledge that Indo-European and Uralic languages might be genetically related significantly more closely than any other pair of language families, but I hope they aren't/wish they weren't.

Outside of languages, I am a composer seeking to compose for concert, film and video games. My concert music can be found on my original YouTube channel, and music hinting to the direction of films and games can be found on my Soundcloud page. Other videos are on my second YouTube channel.


My recommended pronunciations for my various names are these:

‹Pauli J. Marttinen›/pɑuli ji: mɑrt:inen/[ˈpɑu̯.li̞ ˌji: ˈmɑr.t:i̞ˌne̞n]
‹Paul J. Morton›/pɔːl d͡ʒeɪ mɔːɹtən/[ˈpʰɔːl̚ ˌd͡ʒeɪ̯ ˈmɔːɹ.t͡s̆n̩]

My conlangs

Adra'hkgatanAnalytic nom-acc OSVDroppedFor conworld
KahnterGargled messDroppedFor conworld
LoiwosterAgglutinating nom-acc SVODroppedFor conworld; original version abandoned; new version in plans
AmrangeanAgglutinating nom-acc OSVOn holdFor conworld, about to be dropped
EwasteneseTrivocal roots, grammatical toneIn developmentFor conworld
ZahainN/ADroppedMysterylang: all documentation done in the language itself
ViossaN/AIn developmentCommunity-built conpidgin
[unnamed]Agglutinating nom-acc SVOIn developmentA posteriori; future Northern Sámi
ZoģaŋFusional erg-abs VSOIn developmentPossibly for conworld, maybe not

/r/Conlangs Skype Group Relay Game


Relay is a game where people are put in an order and a "torch" is passed through the line. The torch is a message written in some language, and all grammar and vocabulary needed for understanding that message, but no translation or even gloss of the message.

Passing the torch means figuring out what the meaning of the message is, translating it into one's own language, documenting only the relevant vocabulary and grammar, and sending it to the next person.

Thus the game of Relay is similar to the game of Telephone. The message inevitably changes almost every time it is passed.

My Language-related YouTube Videos